Packaging design and construction

Here, the customer’s need is turned into a real product. Specialists develop a structure that protects the product on the store shelf and in transport. They will also give it character to tempt the customer to reach for a given assortment: graphics, construction solutions, and an intriguing finish. If necessary, they will prepare a prototype or ready packaging. All this while minimizing waste and protecting the environment.
Here the customer decides.

Packaging construction

Based on the customer’s product, e.g. a set of burgundy glasses, we will propose a design that will professionally secure the product

Selection of materials

From thin solid cardboard to multilayer corrugated cardboard, a range of options will allow you to properly secure the contents of the packaging


Each idea must be tested before implementation. This task is just right for the plotter

Graphic design

You can’t avoid the slogan here: “on the store shelf, the packaging is what sells the product” but it is only true for the packaging with graphics that properly engage the senses, i.e. sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste